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Like an explorer of beauty, JK spent several years researching the best traditional products. At the heart of the markets in remote villages ... She smelled, touched, tested each oil, each essence, each fower, each mineral extracted. Alongside women, she learned to reproduce ancient gestures that shape the timeless beauties. Today, it is through Morocco that Jamela Kirri goes on the hunt of the valuable components which serve to prepare its exclusive beauty treatments to offer a formal authentic beauty.

Oriental waxing 100% Organic





Jambes complètes45€

Maillot simple30€

Maillot intégral45€

Forfait (aisselles, bras, jambes, maillot)100€

Beauty treatment

Manucure et pose de vernis30€

Beauté des pieds orientale et pose de vernis45€


Maquillage jour100€

Maquillage soir140€

Atelier cours de maquillage (demi-journée)280€

Hair removal


Restructuration du sourcil25€


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